Our Approach

The aim at the outset was to provide a safe, effective and above all a natural product that protected but did no harm. Biosan® is the result of that aim. All our staff have the same mind set and concerns about how chemicals can cause adverse reactions when used. A natural product such as Biosan® gets the thumbs up every time.

About Us

Biosan® Ltd was established in 2018 to deliver world class natural disinfection after chemically based disinfectants were viewed as harmful in the long term. Using world leading technology that delivers the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process, Biosan® delivers exactly what is needed; A cleaning product with mass appeal and need.

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Our Services

In the recent wake of Covid-19 pandemic we are working with Businesses on a National and International scale to support them with the disinfecting and sanitising of their premises.  Our trained and experienced teams are covering antiviral infection control cleaning as well as fogging services across the UK and Europe.

Hotel Common Areas

Hotel Rooms

Hotel Food Areas 

Hospital Common Areas

Hospital Wards

Hospital Surgical Rooms

Doctors Common Areas

Doctors Treatment Rooms

Public Bathrooms




Public transport

Office work areas


Office bathrooms


Personal rooms

Staff Common Areas

Restaurant Public Areas & Bathrooms

School / College / University Classrooms & Bathrooms

School  / College / Universities Common Areas 

School / College / Universities Cafeterias 

Nursery Play & Food Areas

Retail Shops

Most fogging systems and brands require chemical disinfectants to achieve ultimate results, but for us, we believe in our natural fighting solutions and practise fogging with completely natural, cruelty free liquid that achieves the same if not better results without the fear of inhaling and coming into contact with harmful chemicals. 


When disinfecting entire areas, the safest way to do this is by using completely natural disinfectants. Biosan offers you peace of mind when choosing to disinfect your business or home.