Hospitals & Surgeries

Equipment Disinfection

Biosan®  is a natural solution for equipment cleaning and disinfection in the health care & private dentistry sector. It is also an extremely effective treatment for biofilm and can be used for sterilisation of surfaces and equipment. Chemically based cleaners and sanitisers are often harsh sometimes creating problems for the user. Biosan ® is EU and EN approved and certified.

Biofilm Reduction

In recent tests Biosan ® was used as a biofilm reduction agent with considerable success. Testing was conducted at a major private hospital proving that sinks, baths and shower drain systems containing a ‘P’ trap or U-bend which are notorious and problematic areas for the accumulation of bacteria can be treated effectively thereby reducing risks of infection and cross contamination.

Room Sanitisation

Biosan® is also effective when used in a fogging system allowing for the sterilisation of operating theatres, single and multiple occupation areas without the need to remove patients from the area to be disinfected, an asset for administrators that are constantly battling time constraints and patient management.

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