8 Surprising Facts About Bacteria

1. OLD!

This may sound crazy and completely untrue, but bacteria was present before the Dinosaurs. How old are we talking? Well researchers have discovered bacteria over 3 and a half billion years old. Amazingly, some particles will be here on Earth long after the human race is gone. 2. You’re More Bacteria Than Human

Crazily… for every human cell that makes up your body, there are 10 cells of bacteria living on your body - WOW! Oh and if that wasn’t mind blowing enough, there is more bacteria in your intestine then there are people on earth.

3. You LOVE Eating Bacteria!

A lot of foods actually add bacteria on purpose. Food such as yogurt, cheeses, sourdough bread...the list goes on. This is known as “good bacteria” and they help aid digestion.

4. Bacteria Can Be Your Worst Nightmare

Bacteria that cause acne or the ones that make your breath bad are pretty much harmless, other bacteria, however can cause infections and bacterial contagions that can be fatal. Fun fact, less than 1 percent will actually make you sick.

5. A LOT Of Bacteria Is Actually Good!

Just the word ‘bacteria’ makes us think negatively… but most living with you are actually good. They co-exist with your body and even help fight off bad bacteria… so you kind of need them around.

6. More Bacterial Diversity Might Mean Less Obesity

Did you know that Bacteria in our guts help us digest our food. In recent years, scientists say our microbial diversity might also cause or prevent obesity. Hopefully one day, science will be able to figure out how our bacteria can keep us slim.

7. Bacteria Are Tough!

Bacteria are tough little things. They can survive in some of the harshest conditions you could possibly imagine. From the deepest ends of the ocean and the highest tops of the mountains, Buried in rock’s and floating in the air? They survive it all!