Alcohol Sanitiser - Why It Harms Us

COVID19 has created a 'new normal' kind of world. It's devastating effect has left many of us scared, worried and at risk of becoming very ill. Within this new normal world, we have been using alcohol based sanitisers more than ever, believing they achieve the highest amount of cleanliness. Well, although partly true, alcohol based sanitiser can be very harmful to the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema. These sanitisers contain high amounts of alcohols and parabens that will dry out the skin and can cause hand eczema. Walking into shopping centre's, restaurants and shops now mean you have to sanitise before entering, and it's always an alcohol based sanitiser that is presented to you. It's almost impossible to avoid using a natural, kinder to skin alternative as alcohol sanitiser is still on a pedestal for the most 'effective' way to kill germs. Did you know that alcohol sanitiser and over washing can damage the proteins in the upper layer of your epidermis, and this changes the fats in the skin. Once this natural protective barrier is removed, it can lead to your hands feeling dry and sore, even causing skin breakage. Although you can moisturise after every use, it would be better to avoid alcohol based sanitisers completely you can keep your skin healthy and pain free.

Switching to an all natural product such as Biosan actually kills more germs whilst being completely kind to your skin in the process. You can still kill germs effectively without the presence of harmful chemicals.