All About Fragrance

When we think of fragrance, we think of perfume, a sweet or strong scent that makes us smell fabulous! With that being said, fragrances have a lot of hidden facts and.... chemicals. They're not only in our perfume, but our face and body products as well. They are extremely popular and found to be in 50% of all cosmetic products out there. Some brands can trademark their scent and some don't even need a label to make it clear what their smell is. Fragrance is basically a mix of “secret ingredients” and by law, companies have no need to tell consumers and customers what’s actually in these “blends”.

If you want to avoid these hidden ingredients and chemicals, the best thing to do is opt for green, clean, cosmetic companies as they will usually release fragrance-free products so there aren't any unknown chemicals going onto your skin..,Fragrance free means products retain their natural scent and are not masked by a fragrance blend.

In a study, it was discovered that fragrance products had 14 chemicals known to have potentially harmful effects in their ingredients. These fragrance blends are responsible for up to 30% of all allergic reactions when people who have sensitive skin use different branded products. Although everyone has their favourite 'fragrance', if it's making your skin have a reaction, it's best to try something natural and chemical free.