ATM's Are As Dirty As Public Toilets

Yes, you read that right. ATM's are completely ridden with germs and nasties, hosting just as much bacteria as public toilets! Yuck. In a recent study, British researchers took swabs of ATM keypads and seats of public toilets to compare the two and they discovered the horrible truth that swabs from both the places contained bacteria which could potentially cause bloating and diarrhoea in humans, posing as a serious health threat. Hundreds and thousands of us use these machines daily so it's a real concern that they are just as dirty as public toilets, a place we wouldn't be surprised to find germs.

The best thing to do to avoid these horrible germs is to sanitise your hands as soon as you're finished using the keypad. Avoid touching yourself and others before thoroughly cleaning your hands to avoid spreading potentially harmful germs and bacteria.