Avoid Getting Sick When Travelling

Keep your hands clean! Wash, scrub, rinse, repeat! The best way to keep clean when travelling and avoiding any germs that may hinder your holiday plans is to keep washing your hands...and your body, as much as possible. Why not take our natural hand sanitiser with you? It has no alcohol and is completely germ free. Stay Hydrated! Another great way to avoid becoming sick when travelling is to keep hydrated at all times. This tip is very important when travelling 30,000 feet in the air. Drinking plenty of bottled water and limiting coffee intake as well as alcohol can really help keep you healthy. Another great tip is carrying saline eye drops and nasal spray with you so you can keep your eyes and nasal passages moist. If you're renting a car, make sure it's clean! Some car rental companies only do a quick clean because of a high turnover, so make sure you take some cleaning products *Biosan* with you to make sure you can give the car an extra wipe down to avoid any germs as you will be touching the steering wheel and handles a lot. Clean your hotel room! We have previously touched on this in another article, but it really is best to give your accommodation an extra layer of cleaning to ensure there are no hidden germs waiting to make you ill. Take Biosan with you and spray every surface and appliance that may need some extra attention.