Ball-Pit Germs

Ball pits and play areas are the ultimate place parents take their children to have fun and keep them occupied for hours. With their many benefits, there are also some negatives when letting your child freely play in shared play areas and pits. Believe it or not, play areas are riddled with dozens of killer germs and this is because "they're not cleaned for WEEKS". Some children are exposed to vomit and faeces left by other children with some incidences not being reported because of 'embarrassment'. There is a huge risk that the balls from a ball put will be contaminated and these harmful microbes can survive for quite long periods.

The worrying aspect of child play areas is the number of children playing in these dirty areas passing on bacteria to one another at an extremely faster rate. Children can keep protected from these germs by cleaning their hands well after playing in these areas and it's best for parents to look out for visibly dirty ball pits as that means they're not cleaned regularly and will host a variety of bacteria, potentially harmful. Biosan is an all natural germ fighting solution that is perfectly safe to use around children and pets. It's no chemical solution means it poses no threat of exposure to harmful chemicals we find in our everyday cleaning products. Clean your children's toys and play areas regularly with Biosan to ensure a clean and safe environment.