Be A Green Pet Owner

Scoop It Up

Did you know that a shocking 97,000 tonnes of dog waste is left in parks in various parts of the world regularly? If this waste isn't cleaned up, it can cause a huge environmental issue. The bacteria can contaminate lakes and rivers, drinking water sources, and hurts fish and other marine life.

Avoid Beef

When pet food is created, it consumes huge amounts of land, water and resources, and cattle production is the most polluting and environmentally-draining of them all.  Try switching to a food that’s primary protein is has a smaller carbon footprint and this goes for treats as well, look for grain, cereal or fish-based treats. Say Goodbye To Plastic

Unfortunately a huge amount of our pet products are made from plastics and are environmentally damaging because these products end up being trashed in the landfill each year.  Usually non renewable, this can be dangerous to your pet and yourself. Any feeding bowls should be stainless steel so it's long lasting and durable and toys should be made out of sustainable materials, there is plenty out there to choose from.

Green Cleaning Our pet's can be quite messy and unclean, especially after walks or playing in the garden or with other dogs. We need to clean our pet areas to kill germs and bacteria, but using usual cleaning products poses a huge threat to ourselves and our fury friends. Opt for all natural products so you avoid contact with chemicals and keep your pets safe from any harmful chemicals they could be exposed from or ingest. Biosan is the perfect natural product that kills germs and keeps you safe at the same time.