Biosan’s Manufacturing Process

The Process

Biosan disinfectant is produced using organic sea salt and reverse osmosis (RO) water which is ultra-clean. This mixture of organic sea salt and water is then fed into the reactor chamber of our production machine. This chamber is separated into two by a membrane with cathode and anode plates. A high electrical charge is passed through the reactor which ionises the brine and produces two separate liquids, Anolyte and Catholyte. The Anolyte is a high ORP (1,100mV) neutral pH disinfectant while the Catholyte is a high alkaline (11.7pH) detergent. Biosan anolyte liquid is registered under EU528/2012 BPR and has been granted BS EN 1276:2009 certification for safe and effective use in human environments and BS EN 1657:2009 certification for safe and effective use in animal environments. Such certification guarantees quality and effectiveness in combating dangerous viral, bacterial, fungal and sporadical activity.