Your mobile phone may be the dirtiest item you own. Everyday all the bacteria you touch on shopping trolleys, doorknobs, ATM machines and more is transferred from your hands to your mobile device. Think of your phone as the third hand you never wash, a constant bacteria cycle that makes it into your food and onto your face, the possible main cause of acne and skin irritation. In a recent study, it was found that we touch our phones 47 or more times a day, so you can only imagine the amount of bacteria being transferred to others and our own bodies. Another study found that the average American high school student has 17,000 bacterial genes on their phone. Also, the warm environment in our pockets where we usually leave our phones is the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. Viruses can stay and transfer from your device to your skin very easily, this means that cleaning your device is extremely important to stop yourself and other from getting sick. Clean your phone daily, especially if you've been outdoors in public spaces. Use Biosan to disinfect your device which also avoids the use of harmful chemicals when cleaning.