Cleanliness And Mental Health

Cleaning can seem like a daunting task to some, it's a mental mountain we have to climb more than a physical one, and the thought of it can be quite draining. It may seem crazy, but cleaning can actually help lift your mood, and the results of tidying and cleaning a once impossible room can make you feel amazing. Whether you choose to go full speed or take your time to reap the therapeutic benefits, cleaning is going to do your home and yourself a whole lot of good. With this being said, you can also see physical positives, such as exercise and keeping active. All of these things are guaranteed to lift your mood and fill you with endorphins your body and mind craves. These very endorphins react with the receptors in your brain, altering your perception of pain and triggering a positive feeling in your body.

Have you ever watched a time-lapse of a once very unclean and devastatingly untidy room being cleaned from top to bottom, transforming into a completely new room? It's. So. Satisfying! Another pro to cleaning is the amazing smells you can fill your home with, whether it's from a candle, or a lemon scented cleaning product *cough* Biosan *cough*. Amazing smells only add to the positive benefits cleanliness adds to your mental health. It gives you that feel good feeling. Another amazing positive is your sleep will improve and so will your relationships. Sharing your home and your bed in an unclean environment is never going to make you feel good. Cleaning your home really helps everyone including yourself feel brilliant, so what's stopping you?