Daycare Germs: How To Prevent Them

Nursery or daycare is a safe place your little one can go to interact, learn and enjoy themselves whilst you are hard at work. But just how safe is it? We don't mean unsafe in terms of untrustworthy or threatening situations, but more-so health wise.

Now, germs and bacteria are totally normal things we have to deal with everywhere. And, before we really get into it, your child catching a cold more than a few times a year is completely normal, however, there are still nasty germs out there that can slip through the net, especially in a place with such close proximity. Most of the viral infections are mild, non-life threatening diseases that cause symptoms that make your child miserable and probably yourself as well as you may catch it too. Below are a list of illnesses your child can catch and suffer from: Chickenpox This virus is highly contagious but usually doesn't come back after you've caught it once. Conjunctivitis This is when the membrane that lines the white of the eye becomes pink and inflamed due to infection, allergy or irritation. Hand, foot and mouth This virus in particular causes blisters on your child’s palms, soles of their feet and inside their mouth. Sickness and diarrhoea This is a very common illnesses in nursery children. Some also experience vomiting and it is usually caught in wintr and is called Norovirus.