Does Cleanliness Affect Mental Health?

Do we feel better when we clean?

With the ongoing current events in the world, we are all taking cleanliness to the next level. The dangers of COVID19 and the pressure to keep ourselves and others safe as never been so important. The excitement and satisfaction when seeing a post on social media of an amazingly clean and tidy workspace or household definitely points to the evidence that cleanliness and organisation makes us happy and calm.

So with this said, being clean and organised is essential for practicing good mental health. Some even believe that cleaning is therapeutic. When spaces are cluttered, is can also clutter the mind and cause negative emotions. If you've ever felt unsettled by mess, this is because the clutter is putting your mind into a stressful state that makes it hard to think. Cleanliness is not only important in your home but your workplace as well.. It helps you become more productive and develop healthy habits. With the need to clean becoming more and more important, using the right products has never been so significant. Harmful chemicals are a no go if you're looking to improve your mental wellbeing and to keep your home or work environment safe. Switching to natural products will not only keep your home and workplace clean but will also keep your environment safe and add to your mental wellbeing. Use Biosan today to ensure your home is clean and your head is in a happy place.