Does My Dog Or Cat Pollute?

In a study carried out by Global Gfk in 22 different countries, it discovered that 56% of the global population live with at least one pet, so we are looking after and loving around 800 million pets in the world every day. It was also discovered that annually, the environmental damage of every single animal is equivalent to 396 million hectares. Yikes.

The study found: Ecological footprint of a dog (medium size): 0.84 ha / year

Ecological footprint of a cat: 0.15 ha / year

Ecological footprint of a hamster: 0.014 ha / year

To put humans and animals in comparison, for example a British person consumes an average of 4.8 hectares per year. Yes it’s true, your dog pollutes more than a 4x4!

So can we have pets and still do good for our environment? Of-course we can! It is in fact extremely easy to act in favour of the environment while taking care of pets.

Choose the litter carefully

Buy sustainable toys for your dog or cat

Reduce their energy costs

Buy loose food (or in bulk)

Compost all dog and cat hair

Pick up their mess (with biodegradable bags)

Use green, natural cleaning products!