Everyday Products Can Cause Chemical Burns

Using everyday cleaning products may seem harmless but there are in fact many negatives that outweigh the positives. The smell of a chemical based cleaning product makes us think it's doing the best job to eliminate bacteria and germs, but there are negatives and potentially harmful side effects when using these products. When we misuse these products, there can be some serious health hazards. Ingesting a chemical substance can result in severe internal burns, but may also lead to:

Irregular heartbeat

Cardiac arrest or heart attack Seizures



Low blood pressure

Muscle twitches

Shortness of breath


Contact burns on the skin or in your eyes can lead to:

Blackened or dead skin from acid burns

Irritation, redness, or burning on skin

Numbness or pain in the affected area

Loss of, or changes in, vision when chemicals come into contact with your eyes