Forget About Bleach

Health Issues: You won’t be surprised to learn that bleach can cause health issues due to its very nature of being a highly corrosive material. Issues include irritation of eyes, skin and its effect on the respiratory tract from simply inhaling the gasses. Chemical Reactions: Bleach itself does not cause these issues but instead it’s the results of chemical reactions when mixed. This is particularly dangerous when bleach is mixed with other cleaning products.

For example, when ammonia is mixed with chlorine bleach it creates a toxic gas. When mixing cleaners, even while cleaning the toilet, because urine contains ammonia, it can cause this reaction. If you mix chlorine bleach with dish soap it can also create a poisonous gas. This is known as mustard gas.

Accidents: Did you know that 28% of all household poisonings are due to bleach and with the increase of use, this number continues to rise which poses a huge threat to children, pets and those using the product. Environment: When using bleach outside, you’re damaging the environment. If you poor bleach into waterways, this has a huge impact on life.This is still a risk even if the bleach is diluted.

Bleach is from the organochlorine family of chemicals, you will rarely find these compounds in nature and they can take centuries to decompose.

Poor Cleaning Qualities: This is a little unbelievable but Bleach actually has no cleaning qualities; what it actually does is bleaches the dirt and grime to give the impression it is clean. Crazy isn’t it? This is because bleach doesn’t have disinfectant properties.