Germs In Schools

Your child or children, spend most of their time in school, mixing with hundreds of other children and being exposed daily to possible hidden bacteria and germs. This means that schools in general are. a haven for germs, and with pupils within close proximity of each other, this only adds to the risk of them catching viruses and passing them onto each-other.  Once children become sick from school, they can then pass these germs onto the rest of the family. Cold season usually hits schools from September to March/April. This means there are many months of cold germs in-particular circulating and many pupils catching them. Amongst those at higher risk are younger students and those in nursery can experience about 12 colds in a year which is a crazy high number! Older kids will have only two to four in the same time span.

A child comes into contact with about 152,300 germs while they’re at school. It may seem like places such as the toilets are the main culprits but in-fact it’s actually students’ plastic cafeteria trays that host incredible amounts of germs. With all of this new alarming information, what can we do next to keep our children safe? Well below is a list of ways to reduce catching germs and staying out of harms way when in school. Sanitise after each class and always wash hands thoroughly Disinfect lunch trays Cover mouth when coughing and sneezing Disinfect objects in the classroom Avoid sharing objects or food as much as possible