Here's How Often You Should Clean Your Bathroom

Here are the recommendations... Do you do this?

Toilet If you have children and the toilet is frequently used in your house, make sure to clean the outside, handle and seat once-a-day with Biosan toilet spray (because we want to keep our kids safe from chemicals!). Usually, families can cope with cleaning the bowl once a week. Shower curtain These should be cleaned once a month to keep them fresh and bacteria free. Instead of throwing the curtain in the washing machine, try spraying the area with Biosan, it’s natural and chemical free so there is no need for irritated skin! Shower and tub It’s recommended that your shower and tub should be cleaned once a week, and if you have a glass shower door, a more frequent wash is beneficial. The build up of soap scum can make the glass look horrible and uninviting, use Biosan to wipe the glass daily. Sink The place we clean our hands unfortunately means that bacteria collects on the sink knobs and in the sink bowl. It’s always good to give the sink a good wipe down every day with Biosan.