Hidden Germs

Believe it or not, germs are hiding anywhere and everywhere, even in places you'd never imagine to find them! Being clean has never been so important. It's not the worst news though, as most of the 60,000 types of germs you encounter every day are harmless and can even HELP your health, funny that? With the good also comes the bad though, as there are harmful germs lurking in places we'd never imagine... Laundry Machines To put it simply, your clothing is covered in germs. Underwear alone hosts 0.1 gram of fecal matter, so one load of laundry could have about 100 million E. coli bacteria hiding, which means if you don't wash your underwear at a high temperature, you're not doing enough to kill these germs. Always wash in hot water and dry them in a dryer for 45 minutes to make sure you're germ free. Car Dashboard Now, whilst it may seem quite obvious a car would have a selection of germs because of the amount of passengers using it everyday, there is another nasty negative we have to deal with, and that is mould. Air sucked through the ventilation system can release mould and bacteria out onto passengers or onto the dashboard itself. A car's dashboard is usually warm from the engine and sunlight regardless, so this mould finds itself a lovely warm environment to sit on without you realising. Keep wiping this area regularly so you can keep your car mould free and yourself and others safe. Purses And Money There are germs and bacteria present all over our money, purses, wallets, cards and more. Just think about how many hands have touched coins and notes, and the machines we put our cards into, the list goes on. A study found 94 percent of money can carry viruses, skin bacteria, E. coli, salmonella, and even resistant staph. It's extremeley hard to avoid germs carried on coins and notes, but always sanitise after touching them and wipe down plastic cards often. Vacuum Cleaner Our vacuum's pick up anything in their way, including germs that have been sitting in our houses, offices and other places. A. vacuums very suction can create a whirlwind of bacteria growth in the bag which can come out at the bottom and the brushes that attach to the nozzle often contain E. coli and mould which are then spread from room to room as you use the machine. Gym Equipment Working out is great for our health and it is recommended we get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. With that being said, gyms can also be a germ haven with the amount of people using the machines and equipment daily. A common place where germs hide is in polyester fabric and this is what most weightlifting gloves are made from. Germs are transferred from every bar, plate, and free weight used.