Hotel Room Sanitisation

We all love to travel and stay in new places. The biggest thing for all of us is having a safe and clean hotel or accommodation. The first thing to do in a hotel, is check it is sparkling clean! One study found that around 81 percent of surfaces swabbed in a hotel room had at least “some” fecal bacteria. EW! The good news is, you can control how you disinfect your hotel room and below are key things you can do to help with this.

Know. Where. The. Danger. Is.

A lot of studies have found that the TV remote control and room light switches are the surfaces that have the most germs and bacteria. These kind of surfaces can host bacteria and germs that cause the common cold or potentially dangerous staph infections. Be wary of soft fabrics like drapes and bedspreads. These aren't cleaned all the time and will definitely have germs lurking within them. It's also important to wear socks in carpeted rooms as much as possible to avoid picking up a fungus. So, now we know the dangers, what can you do? Bring your own cleaning products *cough* Biosan *cough*. There is nothing stopping you from disinfecting your hotel room further than the cleaning staff. It's always good to be extra careful. Spray every surface daily, avoid fabric as much as possible and try to wipe anything you bring in with you from the outside.