How To Avoid Germs At Supermarkets

Many of us are extremely worried about venturing outdoors since the COVID19 outbreak earlier this year. Our whole worlds have been turned upside down and we are more than ever being extremely cautious about shopping and doing our usual daily activities. Listed below is a number of things you can do to avoid coming into contact with germs and how to feel safe when doing your weekly shop. Do Not Touch Your Face Once you touch an item that potentially hosts many bacteria, you're then putting yourself in danger of becoming ill if you decide to touch your face, mouth or eyes. Learn to keep your hands away from your face and sanitise before having to touch your eyes or mouth, it really will keep you germ free.

Inspect items for holes

If food packaging is damaged and the item is exposed, this is a big NO! Never touch or purchase broken food packaging, it's best to make a member of staff aware of the broken item to prevent others touching or buying the product. There will be germs all over the food if it's been exposed for a while. Get Their Early!

It's proven that supermarkets are much less busy when you arrive earlier in the day, so this way, the risk of coming into contact with more people is minimal and you can shop in a stress free environment whilst socially distancing.

Bring Sanitiser, Wipes and Gloves

Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise. Oh, and use Biosan of course. Whatever you've touched through your shopping trip is going to transfer from item to item once you leave, so it's best to sanitise before and after your shop so you can stop germs in their tracks. You can also wipe down your shopping trolley or basket before using it to avoid picking up germs from the previous user. Forget Cash, Use Your Card

Cash alone has passed through many peoples hands, it's one of the dirtiest things we use in our everyday lives. If you can't avoid using coins and notes, the best thing to do is too sanitise after touching them. Another alternative would be to use a card and contactless payments so you avoid touching a pin pad.