How To Prevent Your Glasses From Fogging Up Whilst Wearing A Face Mask

The world is still going through a pandemic as we speak, with our daily lives changing and adapting to this new 'normal' we are experiencing. Wearing items such as face masks are now mandatory when shopping, being in public areas and even in our work life. So if you're someone that wears glasses, what's the best way to avoid the dreaded fogged lens when wearing a mask? Below are some tips and tricks. 1. Place Your Glasses On Top Of The Mask Closing the gap where the mask ends underneath your eyes will prevent any air from escaping onto your glasses causing the fog. Moving them in front of the mask will take away some of the fogging. 

2. Tissue Paper

You can reduce the upward flow of warmth from your breath by placing a small piece of tissue paper under the top area of the face mask. 3. Secure Your Mask

Try to tie a knot on the mask, so that it makes it like a little package. By tightening the mask, the tightened mask will prevent fogging of the lens.