Keeping Pets Green

Synthetic compounds

These compounds can damage an animal's skin and fur. All natural products are kinder to your pet and result in little to no irritation on the affected areas. Pesticides in pet shampoos can trigger adverse reactions

These harmful pesticides can cause allergic reactions or premature death in some animals. To avoid pesticides, switch to all natural products when caring for your pet.

Poisonous when ingested

It’s a known fact that animals swallow, chew and lick anything they can get their paws on, it’s built into them to navigate with their tongue as it’s one of their main senses. This means that any poisonous chemicals they are in contact with will easily be ingested. Natural products are not tested on animals

The best thing about natural products is that they’re not tested on animals as they are full of natural ingredients already and pose little to no threat. Natural has worked for years

We can agree that natural remedies and products have been around for hundreds of years before branded cleaning products were created.