Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! Is It Worth It?

Recycling Also Uses Energy

The 3 Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle have amazing benefits to the earth, but some say that “recycle” uses some energy unlike the other two. This means that “reduce and reuse” are more beneficial to the environment than recycling.

People have argued that it would be better if we consumed fewer products instead of consuming too much and then trying to recycle.

Recycling Can Also Lead to Pollution

Recycling in general is seen as an extremely positive habit and has been praised for its benefits. However, some research and critics suggest the advantages of the recycling process are overrated. As surprising as it seems, recycling can also lead to some form of pollution.

A lot of the electronics labeled for recycling in the developed countries end up in developing countries where the sorting process is done using hands.

This leads to exposure of chemicals, metals and other elements. A recycling process should to be done with the highest caution.

Recycling Can Cost

Although recycling is extremely popular, some communities, cities and towns say that they lack the capacity to undertake recycling programs.

With landfill space being cheaply available, this makes recycling more expensive.