Say No To Chemicals

1. Disinfectant Overkill: Your household cleaners are full of harmful chemicals that pose potential serious health consequences. This includes increased antibiotic resistance… To put it plainly, disinfectants are unnecessary. You can stick to basics and use soap and water to clean any surfaces and objects.

2. Harsh Chemicals Cause Health Problems The use of everyday cleaning products and being exposed to the chemicals inside has been linked to increasing the chance of chronic lung disease (COPD) with long term use: In a recent analysis of the U.S. Nurses Health Study, it was found that nurses who use disinfectants weekly, were at a 24%-32% higher risk of developing COPD. Disinfectants examined included bleach, hydrogen peroxide and more. 3. Risks During And After Pregnancy

It may sound crazy but spray cleaners and air fresheners during and after pregnancy could possibly affect lung function in children: This worrying side effect was confirmed by a 2013 study in Spain that found mothers who used spray cleaners and air fresheners in their homes during and after pregnancy were significantly more likely to have children that experienced wheezing and respiratory infections.

4. Exposure Is Hard To Escape It’s very easy to read a list of chemicals on labels of products out there... You may be surprised to know that away from direct exposure, chemicals in cleaning products can be inhaled, absorbed through skin from the air, and ingested if not monitored closely.

5. Long-term Issues Long term exposure to harsh chemicals in cleaning products makes for many health issues such as lung cancer, asthma, allergic contact dermatitis, and reproductive effects.