Shopping Germ Free

Our lives have completely changed since COVID-19 turned the world upside down. We have lost loved ones, our livelihoods and our freedom to do what we want when we want. We now have to wear masks when in public places and sanitise as part of our daily routine. With the pandemic still luring over the world, the fear it has installed in most is terrible. Usual things we used to do are now completely different, one of them being, shopping. Many of us want a simple and safe shopping experience more than ever and there are plenty of ways to ensure this happens!

A great way to start a safe and happy shopping experience in our new normal world is to avoid crowds wherever possible, this means getting up a little earlier to go for your weekly shop as it usually means less people are out and about and you can shop in a socially distanced environment. Now, this next one is a given, but make sure you ALWAYS sanitise your hands before entering a shop and the basket or trolley you're using to make sure you avoid taking germs in with you and picking any up from the surface you are touching. Another important thing you can do is check any food packaging isn't broken as germs can easily make their way in and make sure it's free of any dampness or visible dirt. Lastly, if you want the top germ free experience, opt for contactless payment which is fast, simple and easy. Coins and notes have a vast amount of bacteria on them as they are handled by thousands of people.