Side Effects Of Wearing Masks

They Fog Glasses If you wear glasses, you'll know just how annoying it is to wear them with a mask. The mask causes fogging of the lenses, which affects your eye sight and makes it harder to feel comfortable when wearing a mask. To prevent this fogging, wash your glasses in soapy water and allow them to air dry. The film should prevent fogging and allow you to get on with your day unbothered. They Are Germ Ridden If Unwashed If you wear masks without disposing of them or keeping them washed regularly, you are directly making yourself at risk of becoming ill because the germs are simply multiplying the more you wear them. All of the germs your mask is catching will make you ill and do the opposite of protecting you if you are unhygienic with them. Wash them in your washing machine which will be enough to kill any germs lingering after use. They Are Uncomfortable As much as we believe they are keeping us safe and with many of us happy to wear them, it's no lie that masks can be very uncomfortable. They can make you hot, leave dents in your skin and are generally an uncomfortable item as it's not the norm for us to wear anything on our faces. The best thing to do is find a mask that is protective but comfortable, sometimes fabric masks feel better on the skin and never feel too restrictive. They Break Social Distancing When wearing a mask, it's harder to speak loudly enough for the other person to hear you. This means, the muffled sound is actually breaking social distanced conversations as we move nearer to the person to hear them speak. So even though they are being protective, the downside is we are standing too closely to the other person which contradicts social distancing.