The Hidden Germs Of The Workplace

Work, it has to be done. We have to commute (most of us) on dirty public transport to get to our place of work, and who knows what kinds of bacteria are hiding there? Well, we do..... and we are about to tell you all about it! Did you know that your work's computer mouse harbours three times more germs than a toilet handle, yes, THREE TIMES MORE! Imagine how many hours your hand stays on your mouse, clicking away through the day, without a clue how dirty it really is. Yikes.

If that wasn't bad, the average work desk is actually 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. This really is getting worse isnt it? To put it simply, there are 10 million bacteria living just on your office desk, oh, and everyone else's too! This kind of bacteria to desk ratio means the more you touch that surface, the easier it is to transfer these germs to your mouth, face and other people. Even our computer keyboard's are home to 7000+ bacteria and 11% of office workers never clean them! YUCK! Another worrying factor is that viruses such as the flu can survive on such surfaces for up to 24 hours, so cleaning regularly really will help keep you virus free! With all of this new info, i'm sure you're cleaning your desk as you read. Thankfully, although the office is a germ haven, you can keep sanitising which is brilliant! You can kill those pesky germs one wipe at a time to save you from their horrible consequences if infected.