Tips for Avoiding Germs At The Shops

Early Bird

If you pop to your local store early in the morning, it's likely going to be less busy. The staff usually clean the store in the evening so you're going to be exposed to less germs in the morning because less people have been touching items.

Bring Sanitiser, Wipes and Gloves

Bring sanitiser (we recommend Biosan, of course) and wipes so you can wipe down your shopping trolley and clean your hands before and after you leave the store. Gloves are a great way to prevent touching anything with germs as well.

Do Not Touch Your Face As simple as that, germs you touch with your hands will easily transmit onto your face if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes and nose. Don't do it!

Inspect items for holes

Sometimes packaging on food items can have holes and rips so be careful when picking up items that may have been damaged. Germs can easily slip into areas that are exposed. Forget Cash, Use Your Card

Cash can be a haven for germs as so many people have touched the notes and coins so to avoid any contact, stick with using your card and try to use contactless payment where possible.