Toy Bacteria

Children can't live without their favourite toys and activities, it keeps them happy and active. Parents all over are always looking to be the best they can be and ensure their children have a safe and healthy environment to live and play in. Bacteria lives everywhere. It's on our surfaces, bathrooms, even our children's toys and can last for a while. This includes fungi and viruses as well, so it can be a real battle to keep everything clean and germ free. One worrying factor is when your children share their toys with others because sharing means that germs are easily transmitted onto your child’s toys very easily. The best way to combat this is to thoroughly destroy those germs so they have no way of harming your child and other children. Viruses have a long life because of the viral components which means if it's difficult to kill inside the body it makes it harder to kill outside of the body as well. Practising regular cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and toys will help keep your child risk free. Natural cleaners are the best to use because they keep your child chemical free and work just as well as normal cleaners. Biosan is ideal to keep your home and children's favourite toys sparkling clean with the added benefits of being natural too.