Unlikely Places We Should Be Cleaning

Underneath and Behind Furniture It may seem like there's no point in cleaning these areas when in fact germs and bacteria can gather behind and underneath furniture just as much as on top, making it a necessity to clean regularly. Refrigerator Gaskets A lot of appliances have flexible rubber gaskets around the door, and these collect dust, dirt, grease, and moisture. Cleaning them often will help keep bacteria, germs and mould at bay. Tops of Doors and Windows This is a dust, bacteria and dirt haven, giving doors and windows a clean once a month will help reduce dust and keep the area sparkling. Infrequently Used Pots and Pans Pot racks can be a magnet for airborne grease, which in turn attracts dust. Keeping on top of cleaning them will help reduce grease and dirt. Mobile Phones We use our phones multiple times a day, touching our faces, objects and more which means transferring germs from device to our skin poses a huge threat of bacteria and contamination. Cleaning our phones often really helps to kill this bacteria whilst keeping unclean and safe. Inside Wardrobes Fibers from clothes are a major component in household dust. You should vacuum the floors of your closets whenever you are vacuuming the rest of the house.