What Is Alcohol Based Sanitiser Doing To Your Skin?

Using sanitisers are completely necessary in our new normal world all because of COVID19. Many of us have opted for alcohol based products believing they achieve the highest amount of cleanliness. Unfortunately, if you suffer from eczema or sensitive skin, these alcohol based sanitisers will definitely cause your skin conditions to flare up.

Many alcoholic sanitisers are actually filled with alcohols and parabens that will dry out the skin and can cause hand eczema. So using these kinds of sanitisers when you already suffer with a skin condition will guarantee skin flare ups. Frequent use of alcohol sanitiser have caused over washing of the hands which then leads damage to the proteins in the upper layer of your epidermis, and this changes the fats in the skin. When taking away from your skins natural protective barrier, this leads to your hands feeling dry and sore. The only way to relieve this is by applying a nourishing oil-based product that will aid in hydrating the skin and replenishing those protective barriers, but on the whole, avoiding alcohol based sanitisers will do your skin a lot of good regardless.

The best thing to do for your skin is to use an all natural sanitiser such as Biosan that actually kills more germs whilst being completely kind to your skin in the process. Our sanitiser is the ultimate germ fighting solution with the least side effects.