What Is Fogging?

What is fogging?

Disinfecting areas and cleaning surfaces has never been so prominent in our everyday lives and businesses. We are always searching for better ways to eliminate germs and bacteria with little to know contact with contaminated surfaces and chemicals. 

The traditional way to wipe away germs and nasties is by practising simple cleaning, but what is we told you there was an even better way to eliminate harmful bacteria with absolutely no contact? Say hello to fogging.

Chemical disinfectants have been added to production areas as fog or mists regularly as a method to decontaminate a larger area and space much more quickly and efficiently in the workplace. 

It’s particularly popular in areas of the food industry and has become a routine practise for many businesses to control cross contamination as well as keeping staff and customers safe.

The benefits of fogging a large production actively helps to reduce the numbers of airborne microorganisms and disinfect surfaces that may be difficult to reach and need more care when it comes to eliminating germs.

The benefits of fogging are endless, it is carried out by using a static system in an area of a factory, office or hotel room with purposely placed nozzles to target areas and hard to reach surfaces in half the time it would take to clean them in the usual way. 

The fogger will disperse the disinfectant evenly in the preferred room and it effectively targets the air as well, leaving no room for germs to go unnoticed and eliminated. 

Fogging is extremely effective at reducing airborne microbial populations by two to three log orders in 30 to 60 minutes. It kills surface bacteria in 60 minutes.