What You Didn't Know About Bacteria

As mad as it sounds, bacteria was around BEFORE the Dinosaurs, that's crazy isn't it? Researchers have discovered bacteria over 3 and a half billion years old and bacteria is definitely going to stay on earth long after the human race is gone... wow! Another crazy fact is that for every human cell that makes up your body, there are 10 cells of bacteria living on your body, oh and there are more bacteria in your intestines than there is on the whole plant. GULP.

Not all bacteria is bad, even the ones that cause acne or make your breath bad are harmless. With the good comes the bad, and other bacteria can cause infections and bacterial contagions that can be fatal.

The food we eat actually add's bacteria on purpose. Food such as yogurt, cheeses and sourdough bread is actually 'good bacteria' and aids digestion. In recent studies, scientists say our microbial diversity might also cause or prevent obesity.

Bacteria don't give in easily, they can survive in some of the harshest conditions you could possibly imagine. From the deepest ends of the ocean and the highest tops of the mountains, they are quite difficult to fight against/