Why Bleach Isn't Great

Bleach is the most common cleaning product we use in our everyday lives, we use it on our surfaces, toilets, in our bathrooms, on our floors, but is it really that great? Below are a list of reasons bleach isn't that great...

Using bleach on wooden surfaces

If you're looking to clean your wooden surfaces with bleach, think again! This will only be a good idea if you have the intention to lighten the timber, chopping boards, benchtops and dining tables, if not, you're in for a shock. Even when bleach is diluted, it will still leave a stain on these types of surfaces. Mixing bleach with other chemicals No, no and no! Never mix bleach with other chemicals, it's a recipe for a toxic disaster and poisonous, even explosive gases. Diluting liquid bleach with a ratio of nine parts water is safer... but the ultimate safe cleaning is via an all natural cleaning product like Biosan that kills germs whilst keeping you safe. Using bleach on stainless steel

Unfortunately, bleach can be corrosive to some metals, including stainless steel and using it on this can cause staining. Using bleach to clean or sanitise food

NEVER USE BLEACH TO CLEAN FOOD! It is too strong a chemical to use on fresh food as a disinfectant and will be potentially harmful.