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When your body is under attack from invading organisms its first line of defence is the hypochlorous acid white blood cells produce to fight infection.Among your white blood cells are:

  • Monocytes. They have a longer lifespan than many white blood cells and help to break down bacteria.

  • Lymphocytes. They create antibodies to defend against bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful invaders.

  • Neutrophils. They kill and digest bacteria and fungi. They are the most numerous type of white blood cell and your first line of defence when infection strikes.

  • Basophils. These small cells appear to sound an alarm when infectious agents invade your blood. They secrete chemicals such as histamine, a marker of allergic disease, that help control the body's immune response.

  • Eosinophils. They attack and kill parasites, destroy cancer cells, and help with allergic responses.

All the above produce HOCl which is a more powerful oxidizer than chlorine and a very effective sanitizing agent.

Manufacturing Process

Biosan disinfectant is produced using organic sea salt and reverse osmosis (RO) water which is ultra-clean. This mixture of organic sea salt and water is then fed into the reactor chamber of our production machine. This chamber is separated into two by a membrane with cathode and anode plates. A high electrical charge is passed through the reactor which ionises the brine and produces two separate liquids, Anolyte and Catholyte. The Anolyte is a high ORP (1,100mV) neutral pH disinfectant while the Catholyte is a high alkaline (11.7pH) detergent.control the body's immune response. 

Biosan anolyte liquid is registered under EU528/2012 BPR and has been granted BS EN 1276:2009 certification for safe and effective use in human environments and BS EN 1657:2009 certification for safe and effective use in animal environments.

Such certification guarantees quality and effectiveness in combatting dangerous viral, bacterial, fungal and sporicidal activity.



According To Leading UK Laboratory BLUTEST Biosan Has Been Tested & Kills SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19